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As we undertake our Antarctica research, we will post blog entries about every day. We also will post pictures to our islandtoice facebook page.

Palmer Station - 2015

April 3rd to April 12th - Punta Arenas and the Gould

April 13th-15th - Finally, on and in the Water!


Here are our journals from last field season.

Palmer Station, April 4th - May 20th, 2014

April 1st - Welcome aboard!

April 4th and 5th - From College Station to Punta Arenas

April 6th - Our First Day in Punta Arenas

April 7th - Our Second (and last) Day in Punta Arenas

April 8th-10th - Heading South aboard the Gould

April 11th - Our first sampling from the Laurence M. Gould

April 12th - Our first arrival at Palmer Station

April 14-20th - Mostly Fishing

April 21st -27th Some Time at Palmer

April 28th - May 4th - More time at Palmer and south aboard the Gould

McMurdo Station November 3 - December 11, 2013

November 3 - Welcome!

November 5 - News Flash! - from Environmental Protection Online

November 5 - Another News Flash! - Terry Palmer is featured in GuidryNews

November 6 - Preparations

November 7-9 - From Texas to Christchurch, NZ

November 10th - Clothing Distribution Center (CDC)

November 11th - Go back to bed. I'm not kidding.

November 12th - Going to the ice

November 13th - Meetings and Training

November 14th - More Training and Some Exercise

November 15th - Light Vehicle Training and Dive Hole Drilling

November 16th - Diving Day!!

November 17th - Castle Rock

November 18th - Our First Day of Marine Sampling

November 19th - Marine Sampling II - The Outfall

November 20th - Marine Sampling III - Winter Quarters Bay

November 21st - A Day of Recovery

November 22nd - Turtle Rock

November 23rd - Happy Thanksgiving

November 24th - Turkey Trot, Relaxing and Diving

November 25-26 - Transitioning to Terrestrial

November 27 - Lake Bonney and Lake Hoare (Dry Valley Sampling)

November 28-29th - Miers Valley (Dry Valleys II)

November 30th - Cape Royds

December 1st - Crafts Fair, Helo Pad and Burger Bar

December 2nd - Checking in on Cape Bird

December 3rd-4th - Sampling Around Town

December 5-6th - Sediment Sampling Completed

December 7th - Snow Sampling

December 8-10th - Packing and Cleaning

December 11th -Goodbye Antarctica