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April 7th, 2014 - Punta Arenas, Chile

Our Second (and last) Day in Punta Arenas

by Andrew Klein

Andrew's head

Well, today at 8:00 pm we set sail…but until then it will be a busy day. Steve and I met with our Captain to talk about our sampling plan. We had to talk to the captain early as we are supposed to collect some of our samples as we come into Palmer Station on our approach. Some of our sites will be difficult, if not impossible, given their depths and the operating limits of the LMG.

LMG at PAThe LMG in dock at PA

Our Captain, Ernest Stelly III, is from Beaumont, Texas. You can read about him at http://www.polartrec.com/expeditions/biology-of-antarctic-fishes/journals/2011-06-07.

Steve and I ran into Todd at the grocery store and walked around PA for a little while before returning to the ship. I helped Todd and others inspect food heading to Palmer Station and load it onto the ship while Steve helped some of the Marine Techs construct a bridle.

Food InspectorTodd - Food Inspector

Steve was so wrapped up in his work, he didn’t come with Todd and I for our last great meal in PA before we headed out to sea.

Lamb Dinner
A whole lot of lamb...

Well, everyone had to be aboard by 6 pm, which we were and we set sail in the dark at 8 pm. Our journey south has truly begun.  You can follow the path of the LMG at http://maps.lmg.usap.gov/ (use the + and-  keys to zoom in and out).

We also had an introduction to the immersion survival suits and a general safety lecture our first night on the boat in the lounge where people gather to watch movies etc.

Leaving PA
Leaving Punta Arenas

Steve and Todd onboard
Steve and Todd on the LMG just before leaving port

Well – now to get some sleep and see what awaits on our trip south to Palmer Station!